Aug 29, 2011

Hey Buttheads, You Aren't Doing Your Jobs

So, that little "followers" widget thing has been sitting at 33 for a really long time, I don't know if you noticed. I hope you didn't notice, because if you noticed and didn't DO anything about it, I should punch you in the face. 

Here's how this works. I write hilarious and mind-opening blog posts about stuff that is dumb and then YOU read the posts and laugh at how awesome they are and then tell everyone you meet on the street (yeah, homeless people might have internet access too) so that I get more followers than Fred has on Facebook. That's the deal here. I've been doing my part, and you all have been sucking.
Oh, yeah, I know what you're saying. "Sceb, you haven't been doing your part. You missed last week's update and everything." It's called QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, jerk face, look it up. It means it doesn't matter how many blog posts I write as long as they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. And they are. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong, and they probably smell. 

"But Sceb," you continue because you don't seem to have learned your lesson about talking back and you need more whippings, "doesn't quality over quantity apply to what we do too? Wouldn't you rather have fewer, more loyal followers than a bunch of random people?" No I wouldn't rather have that! Did you not read what I posted above? The point is to have more people than Fred! Not BETTER people than Fred. I already know I have better followers than Fred. I get tons of email saying how they're my biggest fan and would gladly help me take over the world just to let them know when! Fred gets, like, no emails like that. (Mostly because if I see any of those come into the inbox I delete them, but that's another story.)

So help me help YOU. Help me. Help me help you help me. What do I need to do here to get you off your lazy butts and spreading news of Stupid Stuff is Stupid to every human being on earth? Write more? Reply to your idiotic comments like JKR tells me I should? Hand out cookies? WHAT?!

ABOUT the AUTHOR: Sceb the space chicken is confused why you dimtwits aren't doing your part to take down Fred the Monkey's ego, and is convinced it isn't his own fault. 


  1. Fred rulez and youz droolz!

  2. Maybe more people would like you on Facebook. More people have a Facebook than a blogger account. And I'm pretty sure hardly anybody actually uses the blogger reader. But you could probably get more fans on Facebook, because a lot of people have Facebook, and if you get Fred to like your page on Facebook through devious means, you could get a ton of fans.

    Also, I'm sure people would want to follow more if you were more funny than being a jerk on the blog.

  3. That dude above is right, if you had a facebook you probably would get more followers. (he's wrong about the last part though, being a jerk (an AWESOME jerk at that) is funny. C:)


  4. FACEBOOK?! I'm not going to start using what that idiot Fred does, that's like admitting defeat. If I can't get more followers here then I've failed. And by "I've" I mean "You've" because I don't fail, everyone around me fails and it affects me.


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